“It was a beautiful Saturday morning; the sun beamed in through the kitchen window as Trey Collins read his morning newspaper. He looked up from the newspaper for a moment as Brooke entered the room. He stopped, and he glanced at her again; something was different. Her hair, “Hum, shorter, looks good,” he thought. He went back to his newspaper without mentioning his thoughts to her; he continued reading the newspaper where he left off. 

Trey and Brooke met after college, got married, and settled into their lives together. A decade had passed, and they had fallen into a holding pattern that left them minimally satisfied in their relationship. But they settle into their day-to-day existence, like roommates.  

Trey put down his newspaper and took a moment to look at Brooke. For the first time in a long time, he really saw her. It wasn’t her hair change that stood out to him. There was something in her green eyes that was stunning. That “something” had likely been there all along. 

He smiled. “You’re beautiful.” Then, like a thunderbolt of lightning, she looked up surprised and puzzled. Not knowing how to respond, she just stared back at him. They had been all about the work, and they had forgotten why they were a couple. In an instant, her puzzlement changed to acceptance and adoring eyes. 

She finally responded, “Thank you.” Her eyes and smile shined with gratitude. At that moment, things were suddenly different between Brooke and Trey. They had rekindled the bond between them that had dim through the years of neglect. All Saturday morning, plans went out the window. Instead, they spent the rest of the day together, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. Two words in one unexpected moment changed everything. 

Our fictional story is an ordinary day, nothing special, a routine Saturday, probably like most Saturdays. On this day, only two words were exchanged between them. But those heartfelt words changed the course of their day and renewed their love for each other.

Our words have that kind of power. Words can do so many things; they can destroy, they can hurt, or they can uplift and encourage. What we say matters, and appreciating those we love is so important in cultivating a healthy relationship. 

I am no expert on relationships, but I grew up with parents who loved each other deeply and openly displayed their affection. Unfortunately, my mother has recently passed away, and my father is living through loss and grief that only someone married for 63 years can understand. Their love and words made their relationship so strong. It was beautiful to see what amazing friendship they shared and how much they meant to each other.

Can you think of two words right now that may make or change someone’s day? Simply saying, “Love you” can change someone’s dark to light. Feeling appreciated and loved is a basic instinct and, even more importantly, is being able to express appreciation and love to others. This is not as instinctual or easy for some individuals to display. If you are one of those people that can express themselves openly, you are blessed. Share your gratitude and love to those around you. For those who struggle, keep trying. You’ll get there. 

Each day is an opportunity to express truth and kindness. In the midst of chaos and uncertain times, our words can give clarity and support to those around us. Our expressions and heartfelt words can provide hope and light. Choosing words that heal and encourage can make the difference. Keeping in mind, words are easy to say but harder to take back. 

Let us all strive to choose our words wisely and share love freely.  

Live life with intention, expressing kindness and love in all you do. Live with purpose.